Air-Exhibit Private Party "Patty"

(IM Blueskies Private Eye x Air-Exhibit Lovely Liza)
Born 2015-02-08
Breeder Josefin Lampinen

BIS baby Patty JO
BIS baby puppy at the Whippet Club Show June 21 2015. Photo by Jörgen Oinonen

showside 2
12 weeks

offside 4
12 weeks

12 weeks

9 weeks

9 weeks

Buster and Patty

Patty with her father Buster 

IM Blueskies Private Eye Int, Aust,Bel,Slo, German WCD, German K C (VDH), Dutch, HR, ME Ch; Dutch & German Youth Ch
Boxing Helena's Imenitni
Dancing Monday of Double Star UK Ch
Nevedith Eefa Empra
Boxing Helena's August Eve
Int & Lux Ch
Vague à l'Âme du Chawia
Int Ch
Tendre Regard du Chawia
Int, Lux & French Ch
Boxing Helena's August Dawn
IM Blueskies För Dina Ögons Skull Feeorin Go To Bed Sleepy Head Belara Speed Of Sound
C'mere Buddhist
Woodsmoke Make It Happen Am & Can Ch
Lorricbrook Trussardi at Shalfleet
Can Ch., Am.Ch.
Woodsmoke Dreams N'Ledgends
Air-Exhibit Lovely Liza Woodsmoke Final Gesture Am & Can Ch
Woodsmoke Applaud Th'Obvious
NZ & Can Ch
Noholme Beau Lemova
Aikerskaill Keep The Faith
Woodsmoke Were You Watchin
Can Ch
Woodsmoke Sneakin In Th'Back
Sw, Nor, Fin, DK & Can Ch
Play A While XXXX
Air-Exhibit Janice Joplin Swedish Ch
Carry On Lonely-Hearts Racketeer
UK, Int, Swe, Norw, Dan & Fin Ch
Adagio Love Supreme
Swe Ch
Carry On Bordeaux
Air-Exhibit Gorgeous Grace Int Ch
Hjortronblommas Gin Lemon
Air-Exhibit Fair Fay